Photographer + Videographer based in South Australia

Telling stories of love, connections and passion through photos and films.

Couples, Boudoir/Empowerment, Families


from $550

For couples with a desire to have their love captured in a cinematic way with a blend of artistic posing and candid moments resulting in something that feels very original to you and tells your story in the right way.

What we offer:

  • Digital + film photo services
  • Video services (depending on availability)
  • Creative direction + styling
  • Location + prop sourcing



Working with individuals (or groups of friends) to capture you in a raw, natural, and intimate way.

I have people coming to us for everything from a session to empower them and to capture a milestone birthday or just to do something special for themselves to wanting to capture something for an anniversary or wedding gift.

Whatever your shoot is for we keep that in mind and plan something to suit!

What we offer:

  • Female photographer and editor (Miranda)
  • 30 edited images delivered online
  • Option for either outdoor or airbnb/in-home sessions



A unique approach to capturing your family, we work on creating a concept to fit you and your family the best by discussing your favourite activities and what tells your story the best.

With a blend of artistic posing and natural candid shots it always results in a fun and unique photoshoot.

What we offer:

  • 30 edited images delivered online
  • Creative direction + styling
  • Location ideas + prop sourcing


Max + Miranda

Miranda is the photographer (and sometimes videographer), Max is the videographer and editor.

Together they enjoy eating out, exploring the world, spending lots of hours watching movies and learning new skills. Never afraid of change they are constantly changing life plans just to keep everyone on their toes.

Gaining inspiration from all their adventures and their favourite movies and novels gives them a unique style that blends a mix of editorial style posing, candid shots and some very cinematic moments. A well rounded mix of everything.

If you want to hear more about Max and Miranda click here to find out.