Meet the weirdos
behind Oh Wild


Yer a wizard, Miranda.

The only 4 words I ever wanted to hear.

A twenty-something year old coffee and brunch loving ex-barista with a passion for the weird and wonderful. Has a slight obsession with Harry Potter, Donnie Darko and serial killer documentaries.

Lover of documenting cool shit.

Super passionate about sharing her own experience of planning a destination wedding in Bali and the crazy whirlwind of a journey that was.

Pretty much fell in love with Europe purely for the sweets, you can bet she will be eyeing off that cake on your wedding day.

She’s a cross between a hippy, a surfer, a skater and wanna-be rockstar. Basically she just likes to be everything but “normal”.


The behind the scenes guy.

The behind the scenes guy.

Also a wicked good photographer and loves to adventure about as much as Miranda.

He is also a twenty-something that runs off of adventure and travel. You can bet there is not a single sleep-in to be had for Miranda on their road trips.

His obsession is Supernatural and you can guarantee he probably knows it word for word after watching it 5 times over.

He’s a laid-back dude, with a love for people and values connection, he’s a little quieter than Miranda but that’s okay because she talks too much anyway.


Our journey to photography has been one heck of a ride.

Miranda has been a creative weirdo forever, and fell in love with taking photos in 2005. It was around the time Myspace and VampireFreaks (punk kids will remember) were in full swing and the selfie revolution was beginning. She had always loved spending hours flicking through her parents hundreds of photo albums of their own crazy travels and adventures (Miranda grew up in a bus just to give you an idea of how cool her parents actually are).

Fast forward ten years to 2015 when Max came on the scene, Miranda had pretty much given in to the fact she was going to be a soul-less barista for the rest of her days. 

Max discovered his obsession with photo and video on their 6 month travel stint in 2017 and Miranda re-found her passion for photography. They came back to Adelaide and Miranda realised it was time to get the feck out of an industry that was basically turning her into Lucifer (and not the good Netflix version). She chased her passion HARD and created Oh Wild, starting off with photographing products, couples, families and everything in-between.

After they went through the process of planning their own wedding in Adelaide and canning that shit for a crazy adventurous sunrise wedding at a waterfall in Bali with 25 of their nearest and dearest. They ran away from their Adelaide wedding plans because nothing they looked at really felt “extra” enough for them. They wanted something weird and different that people would remember forever. They also were well and truly over listening to everyone’s opinion on how their wedding day should be or should look, so they took the one important vendor to them from Adelaide to Bali (the photographer) and the rest is history. 

That is where they realised they wanted to encourage more people to stay true to what they want and be that support system for people that love being "different"

So now they travel the world sharing their story, and journey to embracing their wonderfully weird personalities to the fullest. They encourage


because that’s where magic happens.