Hey there, welcome to Oh Wild, if you’ve made it this far then I guess you might be interested in knowing a little bit more about the face behind the screen.

I am Miranda and along with my husband Max, we created Oh Wild, a place for our creativity to come together and create magic.

We love to explore, travel and create. If we could do nothing more than take photos and travel the world together for the rest of our days, we would be two of the happiest humans.

We love binge-watching Netflix, but I mean who doesn't?

We love to waste money on take-out and good food, but again, who doesn't?

I (Miranda) am also a wild Harry Potter fan, and don't worry, I've turned Max too.



Passionate Photographers and Educators

Passionate Photographers and Educators

Oh Wild was created for the adventurous souls. for the people that appreciate the details and for the ones that understand the art in telling a story with images.

We discovered our passion for photography and social media on our travels, when we created a travel account on Instagram, dedicated to sharing our story.

What started as a simple space to share our journey with friends and family became the inspiration for the kind of life we wanted for ourselves. After returning home from six months of travelling and sharing our adventures on Instagram, we decided we wanted to create a life that allowed us to be happy and free. We didn't want to be tied down to a 9-5, and staring at the same four walls everyday.

That lead us down a path of self discovery and a whole lotta study and learning, everything from business to marketing, we discovered what worked and what didn't and still to this day consistently stay on top of current trends, we have built a successful business that will allow us to be location independent and spend our days creating.

Oh Wild is dedicated to becoming your best friends on your wedding day, making your branding session a breeze, or styling up a storm with your products on set.