Hey there my fellow photographer weirdos, let's get educating.

Helping you with everything from technical things, to your workflows, to social media, to posing and everything in-between.

We started our artistic journey professionally in 2017 and have not looked back since.

Miranda has always been passionate as f**k about educating and helping other business owners succeed, she started off in her first business managing social media accounts for businesses and even had a 1-1 social media course for fellow photographers in 2018 + 2019 before Oh Wild just got so busy she lost the time to dedicate to mentoring.


We will schedule you in for a 60 minute zoom date with Miranda, and prior to the zoom date we will send you a questionnaire to run through what you are thinking you want to chat about during the call, there is no set subjects or a set flow for the session, we just create a space for you to ask any questions your brain can think of in a one hour period.


We are an open book,

- social media

- marketing

- technical questions

- posing

- workflows

- techniques

We are there to answer any and every question you have been dying to ask us.

There is something special about what we do, it's not taking photos, it's creating art, telling someones story.



Let's hang out for an hour and chat about life, business and creative shit!