Top 6 South Australian Elopement Locations

Our Top 6 elopement locations in South Australia to guarantee the most epic photos. We have put together a list of all the best elopement locations in South Australia, from Adelaide to Robe and beyond. The options are endless with all the amazing landscapes we have in our state. We have narrowed it down to 6 of our favourites based on the best landscapes and photo opportunities at each location.

  • Flinders Ranges
  • Second Valley
  • Maslin Beach + Blanche Point
  • Adelaide CBD
  • Robe
  • Yorke Peninsula


Flinders Ranges

Let’s begin with a bang! If you live in South Australia, most of you would have heard of the Flinders Rangers. Let’s fill you in on why it is one of our top locations to elope in South Australia.

I feel like most people would have heard of the Flinders Rangers but probably haven’t ventured out to visit, which is a damn shame because it’s bloody amazing. Even if you don’t decide to elope here, it’s 100% a place you need to visit. The Flinders Ranges is approximately 4 and a half hours from Adelaide. Drive North for a while and have your best road trip playlist handy.

adelaide elopement in flinders rangers

Now before you decide, NOPE that’s way too far for me; check out some of these pictures below – it’s incredible. The rolling hills, the epic mountainscapes, the trees, the wildlife, I could go on for hours. But Miranda, I don’t have a caravan…I don’t want to stay in a tent in the national park, you will be pleasantly surprised that there is some epic accommodation there. Rawnsley Park Station, located just outside the national park has amazing accommodation with a restaurant attached to the property which does absolutely insane food.

There is also accommodation inside the national park, and although it might be a little more outdated than Rawnsley Park, it definitely provides a good base/location to make all those elopement dreams come true. It is also the best spot to go if you do have a caravan, tent or motorhome and want to incorporate that in your elopement. There are campgrounds located in the national park which places your right in the beauty of those mountainscapes. 

No matter what vibe you are after on your big day, you can be sure that there is potential for your dreams to come true here. Have I convinced you that the 4-and-a-half-hour drive is worth it yet? There are endless locations to hold the ceremony and epic places to shoot your portraits. If you want to get a touch more adventurous, the hikes are insane, or if you want to have more of a destination vibe without the hiking, there are so many amazing places you can drive to, step out of the car and BANG there is this place that is simply beautiful.

It really is one of the most accessible elopement locations in South Australia with so many incredible views accessible by car.

Now you are probably thinking, national park elopement there has to be a catch right, and to some degree you are right. However, there is just a couple of loopholes you must jump through. With elopements, there will be either the both you, us (Max+Miranda) and the celebrant and possibly a small number of guests. To this date, we haven’t had any issues with any couples eloping in the national park, but you MUST get permission. We haven’t needed permits for the small elopements we have done, but this may be something they require if the rules change or you have someone else approving it. We also don’t recommend this type of location for larger intimate weddings because we like to be respectful of the landscape and its history and leave as little trace as possible which is harder to do with lots of feet trampling through locations.  The other thing is drone/photography permits, we haven’t needed permits for standard photography and videography before in the park, but if your photo and video team hope to use a drone, you must get approval.

That is our first top pick of amazing places you can elope in South Australia!

Second Valley

This one is for the lovers of the beach, the lovers of rolling hills, and the lovers of coastlines.

Second Valley might be one of the best-kept secrets in terms of elopement locations in South Australia. A very popular place in the summer months for a weekend hangout, but if you decide to have a weekday elopement here expect to have it to yourselves. Second Valley is a 1 hour and 20-minute drive from Adelaide heading South, it is hard to believe that a place as amazing as this is so close to Adelaide.

lets elope second valley

Now, there are countless reasons we love doing elopements out here, it’s truly going to be tough to narrow them down.  The thing we LOVE about Second Valley is the diversity. Walk down from the car park, and there is a beautiful beach in a cove that is crystal clear and blue on the right day or moody and dramatic on the cloudy cooler days. If you want a nice easy walk you can head down the jetty and take a left down the small stairs and follow the footpath that takes you down onto the rocky shoreline.

The creme de la creme is the big rolling cliffs that have you feeling like you stepped right out of Australia. They are a little harder to get to, although someone else may have found an easier way. For us, we still only know one way up and down. You take a right when you walk onto the beach, and you will see a very steep track heading up a hill. It looks tough, but I promise that is the only hard scramble; we have had loads of couples do it in dresses, suits and all sorts, so I promise you will be able to make it up there too. Once you scramble up, you walk to the left and then take a right and head straight up behind the first big hill, that will get you to the famous spot without needing to balance along the small path that follows the edge of the cliffs (a mistake we made on our first time out there haha).

This one is a spot for no guests (or very few and they must be able to move around easily), we wouldn’t recommend it for kids, but if they are good at walking and climbing and you have someone that can safely watch them up on the cliffs then it should be okay, we would say it suits older kids. The locations down on the beach and to the left of the jetty though are very accessible and great for kids to run around and explore while you get hitched.

Accommodation options in the area are few and far between, and most of our couples will stay in McLaren Vale or surrounding areas and join us on the drive out there.

You won’t need any permits for these locations because they are all public areas.

Maslin Beach + Blanche Point

This is arguably one of the most popular spots in South Australia for photos, elopements and everything in between. It is only about 40 minutes from Adelaide and right next to the heart of the wedding and wine industry of South Australia. This makes it easy as heck to find accommodation and activities to fill your elopement day. The food and wine options are amazing – if you are foodies like us you will appreciate a good feed on your elopement day.

adelaide elopement packages maslin beach

The upside to this location is the epic red cliffs, the ocean, the crazy sunsets and the views. The downside is you have a high chance of running into other people having photos taken and possibly even other couples taking wedding photos. This hasn’t happened to us yet, but we have run into plenty of maternity and couples shoots down there. You will also have stragglers that love to have a sticky beak and will almost 100% stand at the top and watch you if you are at Blanche Point.

Maslin beach also has some epic spots but keep in mind it is a nudist beach below so you may see some bodies if you decide you want to go down onto the beach. We don’t usually do that with our couples and stay up on the cliffs, but you will still see them off in the distance. The Maslin beach side is very easy to get to. You can either jump the fence onto the cliffs or head towards the stairs and take a left through the small gap and walk around to the clifftop. It is super accessible but not great for the elderly or children being so close to the cliff’s edge and the rocky uneven surface to walk on.

Blanche Point is usually our number one portrait location choice in this area. You go to your right when you jump out of your car, and you will see the fence has been pushed down in the area you will need to go to so it’s easy to spot. When you get there, you will see there is really only one way down to the cliffs, and it is super easy – it looks way more daunting than it is. We have had most of our couples walk down in a mix of dress shoes, heels and boots and they all manage just fine! I’m super scared of heights, and even I get down there just fine. Again not accessible for the elderly or children for the same reasons, but an option is to have your ceremony up on the grassed area at the top, and then just the two of you can wander down to the cliffs for portraits.

These will remain a strong favourite of ours, with incredible views, hardly a drop of walking required, and so close to endless accommodation options if you decide for a ceremony at your accommodation or in the CBD.


Adelaide CBD

Look we know an elopement in Adelaide isn’t everyone’s top pick, but it is abso-friggen-lutely one of ours.

The options are endless. You can have a classic style, you can have a grungy feel, there are alleyways and bars, gardens and rooftops, cathedrals and old buildings, you name it, Adelaide has it. This is one where speaking to the right vendors is absolutely your best bet. We all have our own favourite locations and ideas, but there are rooftop spaces you can hire and get hitched at with a city skyline view, warehouse studios that double as the perfect space to say I do, rooftops that don’t cost a dime and are easy to just roll up at and say I do, hotel balconies with sparkling city lights, old world buildings like Chateau Apollo and a thousand other locations that you can hire for a ceremony that suit a budget of all types. 

eloping in south australia

The other great thing about an elopement in the heart of Adelaide is that you can have it accessible to anyone you want to share your day with, elderly, kids, and larger groups too so it’s perfect for an elopement or intimate wedding.

An Adelaide elopement will forever be in our top 3 choices for the most creative and fun photo opportunities. You just have to find the right people to help you unlock the potential our amazing city has!



This is the newest favourite on our list! I can’t believe we haven’t spent more time exploring this incredible stretch of the coast until recently. It still feels somewhat “remote”, and while it is busy in the summer months, if you plan an elopement here close to the winter months you will have barely another soul around and it is easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing and easily accessible stretches of the coast there is.

elopement destinations robe

About 3 and a half hours from Adelaide it has endless beautiful accommodation options and the choices for your ceremony and portrait spots are incredible. They are perfect for the elderly and kids with lots of spots that cars can pull right up at and with formed pathways for people to walk on if needed. Sure it means more foot traffic, but there isn’t anything wrong with that. If it doesn’t bother you, it won’t impact your images or video in any negative way!

As with all locations you can contact the council to find out if you need any specific approval for certain areas you hope to elope, but for the most part, you don’t usually need any permits or permission for locations outside of national parks if it is a small intimate group. Larger weddings will require more approvals, although we wouldn’t recommend locations like this for larger weddings because again it’s great to be mindful of your impact on the surrounding environment.

10/10 recommend Robe as an elopement choice, and we are surprised we haven’t had more people picking it!


Yorke Peninsula

Forever a favourite, we along with probably most of you have holidayed at Yorkes a thousand times over. A Yorke Peninsula elopement is absolutely something everyone should consider.

The tip of Yorke Peninsula is Innes National Park and one of our top picks for an elopement on that stretch of coast. In saying that have you been to Yorkes? You could just about say I do anywhere and have it be amazing! But the one that will take your breath away is absolutely going to be Innes National Park. Now, how the heck do you elope in Innes National Park? Well, it is the same process as with Flinders Ranges. You want to contact the park and request permission for a particular location you hope to hold the ceremony. If you just plan to do portraits in there, it is still worth checking in with the park and making sure they are okay with it. We have never run into any issues with photographing in there, and they have always been super accommodating. One thing to note is you are not allowed to use drones in the park (as of last checking in late 2021). There are no permits that can be acquired for drone video or photo so that is something to make sure your photo and video team know about if they don’t know the area.

eloping in south australia Yorke Peninsula

Your photo options here really are endless. One of our favourites for portraits is Ethel Wreck and would be banging for a ceremony too. The park is filled with amazing lookouts, beautiful beaches and everything in-between so you will absolutely not be short of amazing photo spots. It is a relatively accessible place, some being easier to get to than others in the park so we always recommend heading in and checking out locations yourself before you finalise a spot for your ceremony to make sure if you have any guests they can easily access the location. Again we would not recommend this spot for any more than 10 people, we always like to live by the leave no trace concept with elopements which means minimal disturbance of the natural locations we shoot in, especially with a national park. If you have a larger guest number, you can still elope on the beach in Marion Bay and head into the park just for portraits of the two of you. 

Accommodation options up there are great, there are loads of Airbnbs and cute tiny homes around the coast with a few being in Marion Bay which is where we recommend you stay if you are eloping in the park. Another really fun option is to stay in the park in a motorhome or caravan or tent if you are wanting to do something a little unique on the day.

Keep in mind that in the park there is minimal phone service if any at all so if you do camp out there for your elopement make sure you have pre-organised everything and people know you will be unreachable on the elopement day. There is also no supermarket in Marion Bay so make sure you do a food shop prior to arriving. There is a small service station that has supplies if needed but not a huge range, and there is one pub that serves amazing pizza and other meals which a lot of people will go to post eloping later that night if they have had a few guests travel up for it.


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