How you doin'?

If you weren’t just picturing Joey Tribbiani then it’s time for you to brush up on your Friends trivia, just sayin.

Documenting only the weirdest weddings.

We love to hang with humans that appreciate the weird and the wonderful.

Want to roam the city streets with your bridal party sculling whisky and jamming out to good tunes?

Want to smoke cigars in the back of your wedding cars?

Want to jam out to some Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Miley Cyrus (pick your poison) while laughing with your lover during portraits?

Want to run through a dusty desert with your bridal party?

Want to sit on the roof of your car and watch the sun set and the stars creep into the sky?

Want to throw a big party in a club and call it a wedding?

Want to bar hop with us in tow and end the night taking the coolest damn photos in some gorg little alleway?

Want to step outside of the norm for your big day and do something original, authentic and something that feels like YOU?

Want to document your love in a real f**king authentic way?

We are your people.

PS we only work with weirdos so if you want to be part of the Oh Wild Club….. On Wednesdays we wear pink.

Stop planning a wedding for your guests and start planning it for yourself.


Creating authentic, real, genuine authentic AF connections.
There's no faking it here.

Our goal for every day we have the chance to be a part of is to create epic photos that capture your wild, adventurous and quirky spirits. We love to surround ourselves with people that are ready to embrace their inner-weirdo.

We are all about working with people that crave something a little different for their big day, We thrive on hearing your crazy stories, and about your plans to break traditions and step away from the norm. Because weird is wonderful my friends.

If you want laid-back, chilled out humans to hang with, documenting all the important moments and having a laugh with you, then we are your people!

We don't like being a fly on the wall on a wedding day. Our mission has always and will always be to make you our new besties, We (well mostly Miranda) love to talk and we can guarantee it will feel like we are lifelong friends after five minutes. I mean you don't really want a stranger pointing a camera at you all day right?

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Keen on a way to tell a story of your day with more than just photos?

If you want a videographer that really captures the essence of your day, whether it's dramatic cliff tops, and sweet romantic moments or whisky, cigars and big cities, we will tell a story that is authentic AF to you.


If you want more deets on what's included and how it all works it's all packed into our pricing guides, so enquire below and check out what we are all about.

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Weddings from $3000

Get in touch below and we will get back to you with a detailed pricing guide my lovers!