Why you should consider an elopement for your Wedding

Elopements will always be one of my favourite choices for a wedding day. There are so many reasons why I love them, so I thought it is time to pop my own experience into a blog post for you all.

Where my love for them began…

We had planned to do the big wedding in South Australia, with all our family and friends which meant a guest list of 100+. After not finding any venues that we loved, we decided to deck out my parents backyard for a backyard wedding. It was still important to us to have somewhere amazing for our ceremony and photos, (because obviously photos were the most important part of our wedding day!) We searched and searched in South Australia and could not find anywhere that really spoke to our traveling souls.

Anywhere pretty had been used 1000 times for weddings and we wanted our day to be different. SO we cancelled our Adelaide wedding, forfeited the deposits we had made and started planning our dream overseas elopement. We decided to keep our Adelaide photographer Dan Evans and fly him over to Bali. We had always planned our date around his availability we loved his work that much.

In the end, we invited our parents and siblings and a few extra family members that we couldn’t do our day without, and had a total of 18 guests. It was the most incredible experience to stand in front of a waterfall in Bali and say I do.

We signed our legal paperwork before we flew out with our grandparents so that they could be a part of our day in someway. When we got home we put on a big house party for all our friends to come and celebrate with us!

You can do it too!

You can elope and keep your wedding costs down AND still have your important family members involved in your big day! There are so many ways you can plan an elopement and as a photographer they are an actual dream to photograph. I only hope I can experience such intimate days with more people in the near future!

If you are considering an elopement or even need a hand planning it, Max and I would LOVE to be there for you and throw any tips we have your way.

Now to have a little look at just how beautiful the images can be from an elopement…. This styled shoot with these two was an absolute dream.


Miranda & Max

Elopement + Small Wedding Specialists.

Oh Wild encourage original, weird, unique, un-traditional weddings (because that's where the magic happens.) They want to encourage more people to stay true to what they want and be that support system for people that love being "different"

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